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Competitively priced quick and easily deployable solutions will beat the daylights out of competition any day. Our expertise and collaborative strength in IT reduces overall costs and complexity. Our services are the best in class.

Application Services

We provide On - demand software (software as service) for various needs. Decillion Soft has an upper hand in providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software over standard protocols and customized protocols as it operates on fast and affordable servers and believes in quick issue resolution. We cater to small, medium and large businesses. We give meaning to the word cost arbitrage by saving huge end user license costs and lowest downtimes. There are several benefits attached with a properly managed and maintained CRM system, which has made it the buzzword in the business community.

In any business, CRM helps the organization in lots of ways, both in terms of delivery more to the customers and also in terms of gaining more from them. Our solutions will help you provide better customer service, personalize relationships, provide tailored services to customer specific needs, follow up on customer needs and issue resolution, retain customers, explore new customer opportunities, cross sell, up sell and identification of effective points of sale.

Our solutions will help your staff close deals faster, make delivery centers more efficient, and develop better communication channels.
Services Offered

   Application Services
   Implementation Services
   Upgrade Services
   Application Management Services
   Software Development
   Quality Assurance